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We will post new developments, such as new functionality or major new resource releases on our blog at


A good way to keep informed of new resources in your particular field(s) of interest is to use our customisable RSS feeds.

For example, if you are interested in applications for aluminium, then type "aluminium + applications" into the search field. When the results are displayed, click on the RSS icon symbol and you will be invited to subscribe to a feed.

Whenever we add resources containing both words in the title, description or keywords, your browser (or other feed reader) will indicate that there are new records available.


  1. Why are resources available in different locations?

    For a number of reasons:

    • We aim to disseminate resources as widely as possible in order to maximise their “searchability“ – the ease with which a would-be user can find a particular resource.
    • We know from comparing web statistics that certain resources get more hits/downloads on popular fileshare sites (YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare, Scribd, etc) than they do on the original website.
    • Fileshare sites also offer added functionality, such as the ability to rate or comment on a resource, to embed it in your own website or blog, or to play fullscreen on your system.
    • Finally, if one of the location websites becomes unavailable, the resources can still be found on the others, thereby providing a greater level of redundancy.
  2. Why don’t you classify Al-Zn-Mg under "Zinc & alloys" and "Magnesium & alloys", as well as "Aluminium & alloys"?

    For now, we classify materials according to the major element/component. We think it would be annoying for someone interested in magnesium alloys if they kept getting results for Al-Zn-Mg.

  3. Why don’t you pick up on spelling mistakes and suggest alternatives?

    Quite simply, we don’t have the human resources to implement sophisticated search-engine functionality, like “Did you mean…”, proximity, close matches, etc.

  4. When I search for the word "aluminium", it returns 230 results, but the filter "aluminium & alloys" only has 199 matching records. Why?

    This suggests that 31 resources might have the word aluminium in either their title or description, but has not been classified under the subject aluminium & alloys.

    • This might be deliberate. A resource relating to the titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V would not be classified under aluminium & alloys, but may well have the word aluminium in the description.
    • Alternatively, it might be a cataloguing omission that we need to correct.

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