The CORE-Materials Project is based on an organisational structure where a Project Team is assembled at the UKCME, comprising staff of requisite subject-specific, technical and legal knowledge and experience in relation to e-learning developments. The Project Team will act as a ‘specialist service', working both in partnership and on behalf of the partners to add value to their existing learning resources in Materials.

Members of the project team will visit each UK project partner to harvest the resources, whilst determining the specific requirements of each partner. The project team will work to repackage/reformat the resources, where necessary, and provide expertise to the project partners to help identify and resolve intellectual property (IP) issues and 3rd party rights and hence secure the necessary release. The project team will also advise on the most appropriate form of licensing, such that the resources can be used and re-purposed worldwide.

In order to disseminate the resources to the widest possible audience, the project team will fully utilise the appropriate Web 2.0 filesharing sites, as well as representing all resources in the JorumOpen resource collection and the UKCME's subject-specific website. RSS feeds and other Web 2.0 functionalities will be exploited to ensure maximum findability and highlight the use of these resources in personal learning environments.

To fully evaluate the project, the project team will collect systematic evidence of the Project's impact on student learning and on institutional policy changes regarding open release of teaching and learning resources.

This organisational structure draws heavily on the UKCME's successful interaction with institutions from across the Materials discipline community. The structure also takes account of feedback from the Partners, who indicated that they would benefit in their specific deliverables from the specialist expertise, time and resource input of the Project Team.

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