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Resource type: Video/animation
Description: Diffusion from a microscopic and macroscopic point of view. Initially, there are solute molecules on the left side of a barrier (purple line) and none on the right. The barrier is removed, and the solute diffuses to fill the whole container. Top: A single molecule moves around randomly. Middle: With more molecules, there is a clear trend where the solute fills the container more and more evenly. Bottom: With an enormous number of solute molecules, the randomness is gone: The solute appears to move smoothly and systematically from high-concentration areas to low-concentration areas, following Fick's laws. The image was created in Mathematica.
Keywords: diffusion • animation • Flick's law • molecules
Categories: Science approaches > Diffusion
Created by: Steve Byrne, University of California, Berkeley
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Date created: 16 January 2010
Date added: 19 July 2010
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